Bannerlink Premium

What If... You could advertise your products or service, knowing EXACTLY how many times your advert would be viewed?

Consider this...

Which is more important to you? The print run/circulation of a publication, or maybe estimated viewership of a television programme? Or is it rather the actual number of times your potential customers have actually viewed your advert?

Naturally, it is only the latter which is meaningful. The former only serve to give an indication of the latter. With Bannerlink, there is no guesswork or unfulfilled promises -  just guaranteed results you can verify yourself. And unbeatable industry-low rates, making for the maximum return on investment possible.

Click though today for more info and rates for Bannerlink Premium.

Bannerlink Free

No advertising budget? Don't mind displaying our banners on your site? Bannerlink Free is an innovative no-cost banner exchange scheme, with a generous 3/2 display ratio, and strictly restricted to sites related to Malta and Gozo. Quite simply, for every three impressions of our banner displayed on your pages, your own banner gets displayed twice on other participating sites. As it says, there is absolutely no cost for this and all the advantages for the Premium scheme are also available (where applicable). It is very easy to set up, and there is no minimum number of displays on your site, to join. We can also offer new members a bonus number of impressions just for signing up! Read more here.

But is it for me? Participation is of course dependent on you displaying our banner/s on your site, and the number of times your own advert is viewed on other sites is directly related to the number of our banners that you display on it. So you do have less control than you would with Bannerlink Premium. But if this is not so important to you, and you find it hard to justify spending advertising money, then join Bannerlink Free today!