WebManager CMS
Our WebManager website content management software (CMS) is a specific content management solution developed for frequently updated / large websites. 

WebManager is available in two versions, depending upon the application - WebManager ST and Webmanager E. Webmanager E is e-commerce enabled, with an integrated online shopping cart system. WebManager ST does not have a shopping cart system, which enhances flexibility of the product where online sales are not envisaged, making it suitable for practically any website where the need for quick and easy updating by non-technical office staff is required.

Website content management software empowers even small businesses to make the most efficient use of resources and derive to the maximum the benefits of a regularly maintained, highly manageable website. Even in the short term, considerable savings in time and expense are made over maintaining a site in the "traditional" way, i.e. without using content management software, whether the resources are in-house or outsourced.

Advantages / features of WebManager content manangement software

User advantages:

  • Efficiency: Updates and additions/deletions effected immediately, in-house
  • Ease of use: Staff with even very basic PC "user" knowledge can update
  • Cost-effectiveness: Save on employee-hours, save on otherwise outsourcing the job
  • Website constantly expandable, easy creation of new categories/pages

Technical advantages and features:

  • System installed locally - no online databases
  • No need for CGI, not even with WebManager E - Shopping cart JavaScript based
  • Any webhosting account can be used with WebManager
  • Actual website updating can be performed off-line, even from different locations if installed on a laptop
  • All changes subsequently batch-published once online
  • All pages online static, indexable HTML pages - no search-engine invisible CGI-generated output
  • Supplied with basic HTML templates easily customisable for any site

Website content management planning is the next phase in the development of your online presence - or an excellent start. Contact us today for more information!



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