Web Hosting
With a reliable partner backing your online presence, you too can make the most of what the web has to offer. Our hosting plans are infinitely scalable and configurable - and surprisingly affordable. Whether all you need is a modest "home" for your 10 - page website, or the luxury of a colocated server setup with dedicated bandwidth, we can help. We can offer a choice of operating systems, database support, full FTP, mail services, HTTPS servers, CGI facilities and more. Our plans start from just EUR 60 p.a.! Contact us to sign up!

We also provide custom mail servers, remote backup solutions etc.. Contact us

You can manage your domain name or we can manage it for you!
Business package
Just EUR 201 + VAT p.a. OR EUR 179 + VAT p.a. when paid biennally. Hosting features are best discussed with our Sales Representative. Please use our Contact Form to request more details (or an appointment).
Simple package
  • 500 MB UNIX webspace
  • 500MB of data transfer monthly***
  • 2 POP3 mailbox (e-mail address)
  • E-mail auto responders, mail forwarding
  • Fully featured webmail interface
  • FTP account for unlimited updates
  • Low cost Shared Secure Server option or domain certification
  • Microsoft Front Page Extensions
  • Own CGI-Bin, PHP, etc
  • The fantastic Control Panel - click for feature list**!
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Hi-Speed Server Connections at the acclaimed Fortress ITX datacentre
  • Same day setup and best rates!
  • Just EUR 100 + VAT p.a. (minimum sign-up 2 yrs).
*Grow as you Go - A limit is set to prevent abuse of system resources. This limit should be plenty for 98% of users, however we may choose to increase this for you upon request at no cost if there is a genuine reason. Unlike some other hosting companies advertising more resources, sometimes making ridiculous promises, your last MB of data transfer will be just as fast as your first MB - WE DO NOT make crazy offers and subsequently slow your website down once invisible (to you) usage limits have been reached.
**Some features may be restricted depending on hosting plan.
***Enough for a small site and normal e-mail usage.
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